Our Certifications
Quality Assurance
Approved Certifications
NZ Gold Health products are produced under the following approved certification:
  • UMF Honey Association
    UMF Honey Association
    The UMF Honey Association oversees all use of the UMF qualit···More info >>
  • Buy NZ Made Campaign
    Buy NZ Made Campaign
    The campaign was launched in 1988 and has reached iconic sta··· More info >>
NZ Gold Health ®
NZ Gold Health® - We guarantee all our honey products are 100% genuinely collected and manufactured in
New Zealand. All honey are in the top quality standard which includes:
● Independent lab tested
● Every batch of honey is independently laboratory tested to guarantee ratings
● Scientific certification of origin
● True to label honey
● Traceability – from hive to pot
● Every batch can be traced back to the original specific hives
● The operation process is audited and approved by Ministry of Primary Industry of New Zealand
● Produced under approved certification
● Made in New Zealand, crafted with care
  • Analytica Laboratories
    Analytica Laboratories
    Analytica prides itself on ‘changing the game’ in the market··· More info >>
  • Hill Laboratories
    Hill Laboratories
    We are New Zealand's largest privately owned analytical ···More info >>